Strong Hands programme
Hold & Get Rewarded

Airdrop to Bitcoin Rhodium holders.

The Bitcoin Rhodium Strong Hands programme is an innovative use case feature, which rewards proactive holders and stimulates new investment. Every 3 months you can earn a piece of 16072 XRC distributed through rewards for every programme cycle.

How to participate

All Bitcoin Rhodium holders can participate and their wallet addresses will be included automatically. Thus, no specific actions need to be taken by the users to enroll in the programme cycles. An automatic snapshot of the individual balances will take place at the beginning and the end of every 3-month cycle (note that the closing snapshot for one cycle is also the opening snapshot for another cycle). Rewards will be then automatically transferred to the addresses that managed to avoid any negative balance movement.

Who is eligible

Every 3 months, rewards are disbursed among the addresses, which successfully complete the 3-month cycle without any negative movement (any outgoing transfer from the respective address automatically disqualifies its for the reward). For a given period, only addresses with no outgoing transactions will be rewarded. The reward payment will be based on the address’s initial balance for the period, regardless of wether any additional XRC were added to it. The XRC added to it, if any, does count for the following period’s initial value. Read the examples below.


Rewards will be disbursed every 3 months within a window of 2 weeks after the end of each cycle.

The first cycle #1 was launched by an automatic snapshot on 01/01/2019 (January 1, 2019) and ended on 04/01/2019 (April 1, 2019).
The second cycle #2 was launched by an automatic snapshot on 04/01/2019 (April 1, 2019) and ended on 07/01/2019 (July 1, 2019).
The third cycle #3 was launched by an automatic snapshot on 07/08/2019 (July 8, 2019) and ended on 10/01/2019 (October 1, 2019).
The fourth cycle #4 was launched by an automatic snapshot on 10/01/2019 (October 1, 2019) and ended on 01/01/2020 (January 1, 2020).
The fifth cycle #5 was launched by an automatic snapshot on 01/08/2020 (January 8, 2020) and ended on 04/01/2020 (April 1, 2020).
The sixth cycle #6 was launched by an automatic snapshot on 04/05/2020 (April 5, 2020) and ended on 07/01/2020 (July 1, 2020).

Current cycle is scheduled for the period between 07/05/2020 (July 5, 2020) and 10/01/2020 00:00:01 UTC (October 1, 2020).
Next snapshot (XRC balance qualified for rewards) : 10/05/2020 00:00:01 UTC (October 5, 2020)
Grace Period will be granted for moving funds: 10/01/2020 00:00:01 UTC (October 1, 2020) - 10/04/2020 23:59:59 UTC (October 4, 2020)


The rewards are covered from the 257,143 XRC (out of 840,000 XRC) unclaimed during the two airdrops. The first reward period after 01/01/2019 (January 1, 2019) will distribute 8036 XRC. The 210,000 pre-mined XRC (dedicated to marketing and project development) is excluded from the programme and hence will not be subject to any of the programme rewards.


A: 10/1: 100 XRC, 1/1: 100 XRC without negative movements. Rewarded on 100 XRC
B: 10/1: 100 XRC, 1/1: 120 XRC without negative movement (receive 20 during period): Rewarded on 100 XRC
C: 10/1: 100 XRC, 1/1: 150 XRC transfered out 20 (left empty), transfered in 30 during quarter” No reward
D: 10/1: 0 XRC, 1/1: 100 XRC transfered in 100 XRC: No reward
E: 10/1: 100 XRC, 1/1 100 XRC transfered out 20 on 10/5 and transfered in 100 on 11/10: No reward
An address with zero balance on 10/1 gets no reward no matter what

Use Cases

The Crypto Trinity

Bitcoin Rhodium with its use case fills the gap in the crypto market and together with BTC and LTC forms an efficient ecosystem, the Crypto Trinity, that fulfils needs of most investors.

Strong Hands programme

Strong Hands and exit-aversion; two qualities that set Bitcoin Rhodium investors apart from the rest. Reinforce your position and build your stack through a free participation in the Strong Hands Programme.

P2P Bitcoin Rhodium
Metals Market

One of the long-term priorities of Bitcoin Rhodium is to provide stakeholders in the precious metal markets with a decentralised a method of P2P exchange.