Ambassador Program

We are ready to open the doors to Bitcoin Rhodium supporters worldwide. Ambassador program based on locality, skills and passion.

Do you want to become a part of a digital freedom ecosystem to shape the world of tomorrow? Then what are you waiting for?

Create the local Bitcoin Rhodium community in your city by organizing regular knowledge-sharing meetups and represent us as an XRC Ambassador! We will support you with anything you need to bring digital freedom vision to your city.

Bounty Program

Have a Twitter account with 1000 followers and more? Then follow us on Twitter, make few tweets and earn XRC! Tweet about Bitcoin Rhodium with a few hashtags and you'll be rewarded. Use submission form bellow and comply with the rules available on application!


Make posts on telegram groups, tell other members about Bitcoin Rhodium, its features and use cases and earn XRC as a reward. Full rules are available on the form down bellow.


Youtube bounty campaign rewards content creators who make reviews about Bitcoin Rhodium. Video reviews can be in any language and must be at least 5 minutes long. More information and requirements are on the form.

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Tweets for sharing

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Our passion is to develop a cryptocurrency that is primarily held by investors for the long-term. @BitcoinRh
Strong Hands programme Hold & Get Rewarded Airdrop to Bitcoin Rhodium holders.
One of the long-term priorities of Bitcoin Rhodium is to provide stakeholders in the precious metal markets with a decentralised a method of P2P exchange.
We believe Bitcoin Rhodium is valuable because it is scarce, with options that appeal to large, long-term investors. @bitcoinrh
Bitcoin Rhodium with its use case fills the gap in the crypto market and together with BTC and LTC forms an efficient ecosystem, the Crypto Trinity, that fulfils needs of most investors.

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